The Undead is Dead…at least for today!

Inquiring minds just had to know the results of yesterday’s resolve not to nag, bribe or strangle the Zombie at my breakfast table, otherwise known as Caleb.  (Yesterday’s post, “Zombie at My Breakfast Table” will catch you up to speed.)

You’ve heard of a leadership vacuum?  You know, the theory that if there is no clearly appointed leader, someone with leadership qualities will rise and fill the vacuum.  Today, I witnessed the nag vacuum.  That’s right, this morning as I stepped down from my position of Chief Nag and Executioner; my handsome hubby filled the vacuum.

As expected, Caleb crept into the kitchen, sat, stared and mumbled; unaware of the diabolical plan that the Ringmaster had set into motion.  He did not expect a mom who very calmly and sweetly said, “good morning Captain Caleb.  Your reward for joining us  this morning is a hug and a kiss from mom.”  That was it, no nagging or yelling – at least not from me…

Fifteen minutes later, Caleb (still sitting and staring and mumbling) gets blasted by his dad.  “Boy you better pick-up that spoon and eat right now…!!!!”  You know zombies, and now you know Caleb, neither are fazed by mere threats.  But, what this particular little zombie didn’t know is, the Ringmaster had transferred from her position as Chief Nag and Executioner to Master Manipulator Extraordinaire.

I, in the most saccharine tone I could muster, told my other sons “since you have eaten your breakfast and completed all of your morning tasks, you may watch Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil (my boys’ favorite show) until it’s time to leave for school.  Oh (pause) and by the way, Caleb, you’ll have to leave the room and move on with the morning routine.  So sorry Caleb, what a bummer huh?”

I know, that was a major blow below the belt: 1) my boys are never allowed to watch tv before school and 2) they are rarely allowed to watch any show at all on a school day period!

Do I have to tell you that from that point, Caleb finished his breakfast and his morning routine in five minutes!  Now that’s what I’m talking about!  The Undead is officially dead and Kick Buttowski rules!

Until next time…Fly high and dazzle ’em!

~The Ringmaster

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