Super Bowl For Super Dummies!

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There are two things that lots of women fake.  One is the “big O” and the other is understanding what’s actually happening on the field during the Super Bowl or any Bowl for that matter.  What I am about to confess may surprise many of you.  Since this is not a Valentine’s Day post, you may assume I’m not going to talk about the “big O” today.  Although it will probably spike my blog stats for February!

I can honestly say that I love all things football!  Well, maybe not all things.  I love everything about football except the actual game.

I love the tailgating when done well.  (Shout out to Dr. Dan and Jennifer Levi who know how to throw down a proper Stanford tailgate!)  I love to watch the cheerleaders, mascots (the Stanford Tree is my all time favorite with Hey Reb a close 2nd), bands, crazy fans, jerseys (not the pants – let’s face it nobody looks good in white spandex), cute jackets, warm hats and cozy scarves.  The food and bottomless diet coke are my icing on the cake!

I “came out” to my sister last week confessing my football illiteracy.  She could not believe it!  She and I have probably sat through hundreds of football games either live or on tv and she had no clue that my choice to win the game was based purely on the uniform design.

I know about twenty other people who read this blog who have known me and my sports crazed family for decades who are going to be floored.

When everyone else begins to get excited I look at the field and cheer or boo about whatever is going on at the moment.

I’ve sat in the stands for several Rose Bowls, dozens of USC, UCLA and Stanford games and feigned my disgust for the officials, enthusiasm about the players ability, and concurrence with the coach’s’ calls.

So, when my friend Stacie Deberry told me about her latest venture, I was delighted!  Stacie is CEO of Sports Basix.  A company which offers digital tutorials for the football illiterate like me!!!  In fact her company covers various sports, but football is the one I know  knew nothing about.

I must admit I was a little intimidated but one minute into the tutorial I was relaxed and learning.  Stacie’s soothing yet commanding voice reassured me that I was going to have no problem learning this game.  Twenty something minutes later, the video was over and I knew the basics of football.

Now when I say basics I mean basics.  She begins Video One by saying “this is a football.”  She goes on to teach about the basic player positions and their roles.  Stacie is positioned in the foreground, while videos, graphics and illustrations appear behind her in the background to visually reinforce what she is teaching.

Video two begins with a pop quiz as a refresher of Video One and then moves on to teach about the officials and penalties that they may call.  Did you know that “offsides” can only be called on the defense and a “false start” is the same call but for the offense?  Or that “pass interference” can be called on either offensive or defensive players?  I did not, but now I’m in the know! 

Stacie concludes Football Basix Video Two by encouraging her students.  She tells us now that we know the basics of football we may experience the following

  • “Bond with co-workers”
  • “Establish report with clients”
  • “Significant other will enjoy cuddling on the couch with you while watching the game”
  • “Your kids will be excited that you really understand what’s going on in the game”

Who knew that learning more about football could bring so much more joy to my life!  I’ve always admired the chicks who can talk like a dude when it comes to football and with Sports Basix, I’m well on my way!  In fact, 43% of the NFL’s audience is now female and 1/3 of the “core fans” whom the NFL classifies as “avid” are women.  I may just become one of their growing legion!

You still have time to beef up on your football knowledge right before the big game!  Check Stacie out over at Sports Basix.  Impress your hubby and friends. Heck impress and amaze yourself, you’ll finally understand what’s on the big screen!

You’ll be glad you did, your cooler cred is on the way up already!

Perhaps next week we will tackle that other thing many women fake, just in time for Valentines Day!

Until next time…Fly high and dazzle ’em!

~ The Ringmaster

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10 thoughts on “Super Bowl For Super Dummies!

  1. Thanks Tracy!  Just so you know you spell my name wrong once.  You say “Stacy is positioned in the foreground” instead of Stacie.  I”m putting it on the website now!  Thanks!Stacie

  2. ..”cuddling on the couch .. watching the game”. Really? Ron and I have been married 48 years and that has never happened! I am not saying he isn’t on the couch, but I am elsewhere (probably in the kitchen).

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