My Son Taught Me How To Treat My Man!

Boy kissing girl

photo credit:
Liebe Bluhm

Welcome to the 3 Bros Flying Circus!  It’s a good thing that our big top is super big because we have room for all 700,000 members of the Happy Wives Club.  Ok, I know that not all 700,000 of you will have clicked over to this page from my 3 Tips for Playing on His Turf for Super Bowl Sunday but, a girl’s gotta dream!

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Today in the Center Ring, we have middle son Caleb.  Caleb and his brothers had an epiphany this year. Girls are cute and they smell good!   At the beginning of the school year Caleb was head over heels with the “new girl” in his 5th grade class.  Just four short months later, “new girl” has fallen out of favor and the “newer girl” has won his heart.

What made his heart flee from one and cling to the other?

Caleb very succinctly rattled off a list:  “newer girl” is funny, smart, cute, laughs at my jokes, thinks about people other than herself and actually pays attention to me.  Unlike, the other – who never pays attention to me.”

Isn’t that what most men want?  Someone who is smart, cute, laughs at their jokes, thinks about people other than herself and most importantly pays attention to her man!

Until next time…Fly high and dazzle ’em!

~ The Ringmaster

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