Zombie at our Breakfast Table!


I’ve never done this before, but I’ve been asked by several friends to re-run my very first blog post and I’ve decided to share it with my new friends over at Pending Perfection. Here’s my daily experience with the undead………………….

If there is one thing I can’t understand it is the resurgence of zombie popularity.  Don’t get me wrong I love a throw back to the old school, but this zombie thing is one that really creeps me out.  When I say I’m creeped out it’s not for the reasons one might think.

As a kid growing up I was never afraid of zombies.  In fact, I thought they were hilarious.  The thought of a creature that dragged one gimpy leg, didn’t have the sense to put his arm down, moved at a snail’s pace and could not articulate a threat never intimidated me.  I was always a stellar…

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