The Flying Circus Takes the Show on the Road!

Four of our lil' road trippers!

Four of our lil’ road trippers!

Who in their right mind would pack three boys, their spouse, plus one rotating cousin in a Honda mini van and travel approximately 5,000 miles through the burning deserts to humid swamps and back to Cali?  Perhaps the words “in their right mind” explains  we are not because we did!

Loud noises, foul smells, unhealthy food, and a thrill a minute entertainment are all essential elements in every circus and they were all present and accounted for on our recent road trip from California to Mississippi and Louisiana.

Less than one hour after the trip was initiated, our Breakfast Zombie, ate three Cheerios and got car sick.  (Note, foul smell number one.) Four boys 13 and under in an already pungent mini van – foul smells two thru six! Now that you understand the “ripeness” of the situation here’s an earful.

Just when I thought the decibel level had reached its max, my eight year old niece switched cars with my 13-year-old nephew (we were caravaning with my sister, brother and mother.)  There is nothing like a budding fashionista/singer-songwriter/creative story-teller talking her way through Texas!  Apparently the words “Aunt Tracey would like to take a nap” sound exactly like Charlie Brown’s teacher, “whaa, whaa, wha, wha, wha, whaaa.”

Don’t get me started with the food on this epic journey.  We ate at one restaurant in Mississippi that had two vegetables on the menu, fried pickles and collard greens.  Our meal consisted of both of the vegetable selections, fried catfish, fried hush puppies and french fries.  San Antonio, is home of the now infamous Chocho’s Mexican Restaurant.  Let’s just say the results of that meal were with us for days!  (Foul smells seven thru infinity)  The long reach of Chocho is something we will joke about forever!

King Kong Nachos from Chacho's...

King Kong Nachos from Chacho’s…

By day two of our return trip one of us worn out parents said, “let’s just give them their devices.”  “See ya Newberry Prize Winning audio books, and classic road trip spelling games, hello earphones, ipods, Kindle Fires, iphones, ipads and Samsung Tablets!”  Ahhh, sanity and silence restored!

We absolutely love road tripping!  We love the laughter, the closeness, and the ability to enjoy the diversity and beauty of our amazing country while on the road.  I have so many friends who cringe at the mention of a road trip and would never think to endeavor one with kids in tow.  I can truly say that some of our most fond family moments were forged on these cross-country journeys.  I highly recommend you try it at least once.  When your circus hits the road remember, relax, go with the flow, and repeat your mantra, “this is how we roll!”

Until next time…Fly high and dazzle ’em!

~The Ringmaster

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4 thoughts on “The Flying Circus Takes the Show on the Road!

  1. after our 3-week-7-state road trip, when our oldest was about 14, we nailed down the tires on our van for the next SEVERAL years. Since then, the farthest we have gotten is Santa Cruz, CA!!! Our youngest was gracious and waited until the day before we got home to hurl chunks in his car seat….less than an hour after I had commented about how nobody had gotten sick!!!!!!!!!

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